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Loss Prevention

Our expert consultants will represent you and your business in all your Loss Prevention, Security and Risk Management needs, acting as your outsourced best practise guide for all aspects of your strategic needs, from as little as 5 minutes to full time support.


Any business is in need of professional experts specific domain subject areas, including Loss Prevention and Security.


Whether it be developing a top line strategy, advising on profit protection, product loss solutions, investigations, interviews or business continuity planning and GDPR needs, we are here for you to direct, coach and support all the ever-increasing requirements.


We will identify one of our key experts that suits your needs and can be your internal guide from strategy to action and review.


Losses for many retail businesses are difficult to track...often more than 3% of gross sales.

Shrinkage, or any form of loss, is a direct reduction of profit, and in many cases is preventable. Our business protection and retail loss prevention methods have proven effective in reducing turnover, improving customer relations, dramatically reducing losses, and thereby increasing profits.

Value proposition
& Benefits


We will develop strategies, goals and tactics in support of your needs, through one or a mix of our lead consultant experts in:-


  • Stockloss – Total Loss and Making the Unknown Known

  • Cashloss

  • Product Loss

  • Process Loss

  • Value Variance

  • GDPR

  • Integrated Security Technologies and Solutions

  • Investigations

  • Interviews

  • Covert Operations

  • Audit & Compliance

  • Data Mining & Analysis

  • Security

  • Policy and Procedures

  • Buy It | Move It | Sell It Risk Management

  • Business Continuity

"Our emphasis is on reduction of losses due to theft, mistakes, or unnecessary litigation."

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45 Market Street


 Bolton BL5 3AG

Tel: 020 4542 7560



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