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Health & Safety

Our consultancy team have Health and Safety experience in festival & events, retail, construction, manufacturing warehousing, civil engineering, offices and technology, further education, aviation and a whole range of other sectors.


We offer realistic and credible solutions to problems and have an experienced consultancy team, who can deal with all your Health and Safety needs, from


  • Audit and compliance

  • accident investigation

  • Risk Assessment

  • Advice and Guidance

  • H&S and First Aid Training

We have and continue to provide a very similar service for other commercial clients.

We can act as your Competent Person, during the terms of any ongoing agreement, conduct accident investigations as required and agreed and will liaise with enforcement officers as and when required.


Our aim is not only to conduct audits, but to ensure your organisation is always fully aware of the current status of your Health and Safety needs.

KSS believes that your business deserves to be taken care of at every level. With our expert advice on how to overcome the everyday problems that could impact your business, you will know what is the right path to follow in terms of completing your legal duties as an employer.

Below, you'll find information about our most popular services. Be aware that this list isn't exhaustive so ​please don't hesitate to get in touch to find ​out more about our expertise for your particular industry and business needs


  • Health & Safety Management

  • Audit & Inspections

  • Risk Assessments

  • COSHH Assessments

  • Fire Risk Assessments

  • Event Management Plans 

  • Safety Training

  • Consultancy Visits

  • Accident Assistance

  • Enforcement Officer Assistance

  • Assistance with Insurer Surveys

  • Safety Management Meetings

  • Health and Safety Tenders

  • Accreditation Assistance

  • Environmental Risk Management

  • Fleet Risk Management

  • Health & Safety Marketing

  • Online H&S Document Storage






45 Market Street


 Bolton BL5 3AG

Tel: 020 4542 7560



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