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Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

KSS NW LTD recognises that its activities and operations have a significant impact on the wider social, environmental and economic well-being of the areas in which we operate. As a member of the business community, we recognise our corporate social responsibility commitments in our various roles, which include producer, employer and consumer.
We are committed to ensuring that our business is conducted in all respects according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards.
In addition to compliance with current legislation, our policies and codes of conduct encourage high standards of corporate behaviour in areas such as the environment, health and safety and equal opportunities, both for our staff and in relation to those into whom they may come into contact.
We aim to reduce any negative impact of our business operations and encourage a positive contribution through appropriate health and safety and environmental policies and objectives (which are considered as an integral part of our business activities) and good management.
We engage communities through local liaison and sponsorship of local events, community groups and sports teams.
We aim to manage our employees openly, honestly and fairly and to be a responsible employer, adopting values and standards designed to help guide our staff in their conduct and business relationships. We are committed to having a fully trained and competent workforce and actively promote vocational training for our employees.
We are proud that our business remains in private ownership and is run by the people who founded it with their values forming the foundation of our company.
Our Chairman, Garry Longthorne, is an experienced business risk executive, with a demonstrated history within the commercial sector. With over 40 years of operational experience. Ex Police Detective with the Lancashire Constabulary.
This has been approved by Garry Longthorne – Chairman 14/12/2022





45 Market Street


 Bolton BL5 3AG

Tel: 020 4542 7560



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